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Our pre construction HVAC assistance is available to engineers, building owners, architects, and contractors. We can help determine any HVAC-related matters before your construction project begins.

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Our design-build assistance entails offering mechanical design and engineering solutions, providing 2D and 3D drawings using AutoCAD technology, BIM coordination, and energy calculations.

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Our BIM service helps develop more cost-effective and energy-efficient HVAC systems. We also offer VDC services that enable our clients to visualize their projects using modeling & design.

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Full Service HVAC

We specialize in comprehensive commercial HVAC services that entail replacement, repair, installation, and maintenance. Our team can optimize your HVAC system for maximum efficiency.

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Action Commercial HVAC is one of the most reputable commercial HVAC companies that has been serving the San Diego area for more than 45 years. Our team consists of specialists who have been expertly trained and educated to meet the needs of different industries. We collaborate with the industry’s leading HVAC manufacturers, bringing our clients reliable units and high-quality components. Furthermore, our team employs advanced technology and top-grade equipment, delivering services that offer long-term dependability.

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Impressed by the responsiveness and reliability of the team that showed up to complete the repairs. They did their work quickly and performed a detailed cleanup without disrupting our business or disturbing our customers.

Jane M.

Loving the satisfaction guarantee and the well-coordinated process which saves you time. Not even once have there been any cancelations, delays or last-minute changes when time came for regular system check-up. I am especially thankful for their prompt emergency service.

Trig S.

In the hospitality industry, uninterrupted HVAC system performance is an absolute must. So far, we couldn’t be happier with the standard of service the Action Commercial team provides. They also keep track of the maintenance schedule for us.

Joanna C.

Action Commercial HVAC saved us a lot of money. They helped us postpone a major investment in a new air conditioning system which the previous contractor strongly recommended years ago.

Nina T.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can commercial HVAC contractors help save me money?

Business owners, commercial property owners and managers, engineers, and general contractors can greatly benefit from scheduling commercial HVAC service in San Diego and throughout the area. In addition to helping you stay compliant with relevant regulations, licensed HVAC contractors near your area can also help increase your savings in the long run by:

  • Optimizing your commercial HVAC system to operate efficiently and without any problems.
  • Helping you choose energy-efficient systems appropriate for the type and size of your commercial property.
  • Preventing HVAC damage and unnecessary costs by delivering timely and high-result repair solutions.
  • Using advanced technology such as BIM & VDC to test the feasibility of your HVAC projects and realize them as planned.
  • Offering pre-construction HVAC assistance to help you plan your budget efficiently, evaluate the construction site, and ensure optimal long-term performance.

Here at Action Commercial HVAC, we specialize in an array of commercial services, offering businesses and contractors experience-based assistance and advice. Our team has been industry trained to tackle different matters and anticipate common problems in commercial HVAC systems. From general HVAC services to specialized design-build & BIM & VDC, our services follow our standards of excellence and service quality.

How commercial HVAC maintenance improves my business?

Businesses and commercial property owners are required to meet certain building regulations and ensure that their HVAC systems are fully operational. Reaching out to a trusted provider to develop a full-service HVAC preventative maintenance program for your business can bring you important benefits:

  • Regular maintenance will reveal any hidden problems with your commercial HVAC system.
  • The experts will prevent untimely HVAC malfunctions that happen in 50% of the cases where there is no maintenance.
  • You will be able to save money on repairs and malfunctions that may lead to an increase in energy bills for your building.
  • Having your commercial HVAC system regularly maintained will extend the durability and enhance the efficiency of your unit.
  • By scheduling regular maintenance, you will create a healthy environment with high indoor air quality for your employees or building occupants.

Our team of specialists employs first-rate HVAC equipment and proven techniques upon maintaining and servicing commercial HVAC units. They also follow a tried-and-tested commercial HVAC maintenance checklist, conducting detailed commercial HVAC maintenance across San Diego County. We can do the same for your business, meeting your particular needs and requirements.

Why do I need commercial HVAC maintenance?

Scheduling professional maintenance with San Diego’s trustworthy and seasoned commercial HVAC specialists is essential for avoiding costs, preventing system breakdowns and issues, scheduling heating and cooling repair on time, etc. You will also be certain that everything is up to code and fully functional.

You can turn to Action Commercial HVAC for these and other long-term benefits of regular maintenance. Our NATE-certified specialists have extensive technical expertise and skills needed to troubleshoot problems with commercial HVAC systems and apply dependable solutions for their successful resolution.

How to manage maintenance for commercial building HVAC systems?

Commercial HVAC maintenance should be handled by experienced and trained professionals who are familiar with advanced systems and their components. Our seasoned HVAC contractors in San Diego can handle this task with professionalism and care. We have serviced different types of commercial systems, including:

  • Ventilation units
  • Air filtration systems
  • Rooftop packaged systems
  • VRF systems (variable refrigerant flow)
  • VRV systems (variable refrigerant volume)
  • Ductless air conditioning systems and heat pumps
  • Split-system air conditioning systems and heat pumps

How often should commercial HVAC be serviced?

In general, commercial HVAC equipment should be serviced twice a year by a team of skilled technicians. However, the frequency of maintenance may vary depending on different factors, including the age and type of your system, cooling and heating demand, possible building requirements, etc.

As one of the HVAC commercial companies in San Diego with a long-standing practice in the field, we can carefully inspect your unit and determine how often it should be serviced. Our team can customize a maintenance plan to the specific requirements of your commercial system. Upon inspection and maintenance, we will check all the important components such as thermostats, coils, air filters, ductwork, etc.

How can I increase the efficiency of my HVAC system?

As a business owner or commercial property manager, you can save a significant amount of money by enhancing the energy efficiency of your HVAC system. You can achieve this easily by reaching out to certified specialists who will:

  • Deal with any malfunctions in a time-efficient way by delivering prompt and dependable HVAC repair and service.
  • Suggest the most efficient HVAC system suitable for your building or some other type of commercial property.
  • Identify possible problems that may have been causing energy waste and increased bills.
  • Determine whether it’s time for the replacement of your commercial HVAC unit.

Here at Action Commercial HVAC, we work with different HVAC system types and brands, offering only high-performing solutions. We will evaluate the needs of your commercial property and determine what system would offer the highest level of efficiency. Our technicians can also examine your current system and take the necessary steps to optimize it.

What should I look for in a commercial HVAC service provider in San Diego?

When looking into commercial HVAC service companies in San Diego, you should take the following factors into consideration:

  • Certification & qualification. The HVAC experts you choose should have industry training, extensive knowledge, and technical skills. Specialist certification from reputable institutions such as the NATE is a major indicator of a company’s expertise.
  • Scope of service. A commercial HVAC company that offers a variety of services is more likely to be able to meet your needs and offer diverse solutions.
  • Reputation. Client reviews and recommendations attest to the dedication and professionalism of an HVAC company.

With Action Commercial HVAC, you can rely on a seasoned, highly trained, and NATE-certified team of technicians with comprehensive experience and technical knowledge in the field. We’ve been a trusted choice for commercial heating and cooling repair, installation, and maintenance in San Diego for years. We rely on innovative, yet proven solutions and cutting-edge equipment. Whether you need general or specialized HVAC services, our team is at your disposal.

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