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What is design-build?

In construction, the design-build involves close collaboration between a contractor and the project manager, engineer or project owner. This has become the preferred method in handling construction projects because it enables all the involved parties to work collaboratively to ensure the project is completed according to expectations.

Scheduling commercial design-build services in San Diego in relation to HVAC-related matters means that you will work closely with your HVAC provider in determining custom solutions for your project. In the San Diego area, Action Commercial HVAC has been a trusted provider of design-build HVAC systems for over 45 years. Feel free to schedule a consultation with us!

Your trusted design-build HVAC contractor in San Diego

Here at Action Commercial HVAC, we offer custom-design heating and cooling solutions to our clients based on the following methods:

  • Mechanical engineering and design: This allows us to design and set up HVAC installations in your building, specifically adjusted to meet your needs. We rely on our mechanical engineering expertise to devise solutions that would optimize your system for maximum efficiency and sustainability.
  • T-24 energy calculations: Our specialists rely on advanced technology to create HVAC designs that incorporate energy-efficient features and meet the relevant industry and legal standards. Using proven methods and innovative software, we’re able to offer accurate energy calculations.
  • BIM coordination: This aspect of our service allows us to communicate effectively with other team members and create digital representations of your custom HVAC solutions.
  • AutoCAD technology: What allows us to create a design-build HVAC system to your exact specifications is our advanced software for 2D and 3D drawings. We will use this tool to create a model of your HVAC system and help you see whether it meets your expectations. This will also enable us to better determine the scope of the HVAC-related arrangements and discuss specific factors such as size, shape, and overall design.

What are the design-build process steps?

The design-build process entails several important stages, each planned in detail and aimed at facilitating the completion of a construction project. Whether it comes to the general or HVAC-specific matters, you can expect these design-build process steps to be covered during your project in San Diego:

  • Hiring a design-builder. You need to hire a trusted professional who has experience in the design-build process. Specifically, you should find a qualified commercial HVAC design contractor who can handle all related arrangements.
  • Pre-construction. This enables you to prepare properly for your project and ensure that everything is ready on time. In terms of heating and cooling, your contractor will handle cost estimation, system specifications, site analysis, etc.
  • Architectural design. After determining your needs, budgets, and specific requirements, the build-design team will start working on the design while relying on value engineering for reduced costs. Your HVAC team will work on your design heating and cooling system.
  • Construction. The construction can finally start as you have determined all important considerations during the previous stages. Your HVAC provider can work on your system, following predetermined steps and specifications.
  • Post-construction. After everything has been completed, you will engage in any subsequent walk-throughs, possible HVAC training, etc.

Here at Action Commercial, a reputable commercial HVAC design company in San Diego, we keep you involved in all the stages. We have in-depth industry knowledge and experience to deliver high-performing custom-design heating and cooling systems. Throughout the entire process, we perform comprehensive testing to ensure everything is done with precision and according to plan.

What are the advantages of design-build?

By reaching out to us to provide you with a design-build HVAC system San Diego, you will receive the following benefits:

  • Enhanced teamwork and improved collaboration
  • Project completion within a shorter time frame
  • Decreased expenses and increased savings
  • Staying within the outlined budget limits
  • Minimized re-pricing and re-designing

Our team takes steps to bring you these advantages through careful planning and system optimization. As an experienced design-build contractor, we’re able to anticipate possible obstacles and prepare for them in advance. We are also able to identify the exact needs of our clients and design HVAC systems that meet them.

Does design-build save money?

This construction method does offer project managers, engineers, and owners an opportunity to increase their savings. Design-build is a cost-efficient technique because it focuses on smart, pre-planned construction and careful cost estimation.

Our specialists at Action Commercial HVAC aim at reducing the costs of the custom commercial HVAC design. We do so by providing you with cost estimates and following detailed design plans. By minimizing the need for re-design, we also eliminate the costs this would entail. Furthermore, by sticking to the agreed time frame, we also avoid the costs of possible delays.

Choosing the right design-build contractor

When looking into commercial HVAC contractors who incorporate the design-build model in their services, you should ensure that they have:

  • Expertise in commercial HVAC design and related services
  • Experience and practical knowledge in design-build
  • Advanced equipment and tools such as AutoCAD
  • Positive client reviews and relevant references
  • Lines for open and ongoing communication
  • Quantitative and qualitative HVAC criteria

Action Commercial HVAC meets the mentioned criteria and more. We’re a trusted commercial HVAC design contractor in San Diego, serving the local community for over 45 years. We’ve worked with a long list of clients from various commercial backgrounds. Our team is professionally equipped and uniquely positioned to handle the design-build process and help you complete your construction project successfully.

Our scope of expertise covers other services

Here at Action Commercial HVAC, we have a team of qualified technicians who specialize in different types of HVAC-related services. During the design-build process, we can offer efficient pre-construction HVAC assistance in San Diego County. We also have in-depth knowledge of innovative BIM & VDC technology in San Diego that we’ll use to provide you with digital representations of your design-build HVAC system. Schedule a consultation with us today!

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