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What is BIM and VDC?

BIM and VDC are innovative technologies that rely on virtual design and modeling. They are used across different fields including construction and, more specifically, the HVAC industry.

  • BIM stands for Building Information Modeling and it entails two important aspects: a 3D object (e.g. an HVAC system) and relevant data about the object (e.g. client specifications).
  • VDC denotes Virtual Design and Construction and it’s actually used to describe the entire BIM process. It entails multiple aspects that include engineering modeling, analysis, visualization, metrics, analytics, etc.

Here at Action Commercial HVAC, we incorporate BIM and VDC in our custom HVAC design process to provide our clients with a visual representation of their systems. This allows us to bring them numerous advantages, such as reduced costs.

BIM and VDC for construction: What you should know

In construction, BIM and VDC play a crucial role in the design-build stage. These methods allow contractors to create models of buildings or specific systems during the planning phase. These techniques will enable us to:

  • Maintain smooth communication between different teams and team members
  • Establish BIM plans and requirements for your custom-design HVAC system
  • Enhance the productivity of our team at every stage of your project
  • Create information-rich HVAC models and present them to you
  • Ensure that everything follows your exact specifications
  • Bring you time efficiency and long-term savings

Proven BIM & VDC approach in San Diego

By incorporating BIM and VDC in our HVAC design services, we can optimize your system for enhanced efficiency and optimal operation. By creating a digital model of your HVAC unit, we will:

  • Design an HVAC solution designed to suit your building type
  • Check if everything is according to your expectations
  • Handle HVAC retrofitting and engineering issues
  • Eliminate the need for re-designing your system
  • Determine the best placement options

Additionally, these technologies also enable us to eliminate unnecessary costs or possible delays throughout your construction project in San Diego. We know how to use these tools effectively and we will do so with precision.

BIM & VDC: What’s the difference?

Although these two models are closely connected, there are some important differences that you should be aware of. Namely, BIM refers to the process of building a virtual model using the information provided by the client. This means that when referring to BIM, we entail building a virtual model of your system using your specifications.

On the other hand, VDC employs available BIM resources to plan and prepare all the steps of a construction project. Therefore, our team will use VDC to plan your entire HVAC-related project in San Diego.

Furthermore, our VDC approach also includes additional aspects:

  • Budget considerations for your HVAC system
  • Estimating possible HVAC-related costs
  • Determining the time frame

How to choose the right BIM and VDC service provider in San Diego?

If you need a partner to handle HVAC-related aspects of your construction project in San Diego, make sure they possess the following features:

  • Expertise & experience: This refers to both general HVAC knowledge and specialized BIM and VDC expertise. Your preferred provider should have both to be able to develop a custom HVAC system to your specifications and bring you maximum efficiency.
  • Reputation & references: Although this isn’t a crucial aspect, it does indicate how professional, dedicated, and trusted a company is. A service provider who is industry-expert and has been assisting local businesses for years knows how to handle projects of different scopes.
  • BIM & VDC resources: The experts you choose should also have the technology and resources to implement BIM and VDC. Advanced tools and techniques are essential for achieving the desired results.

Action Commercial HVAC has all these important qualities, having a team of trained and certified industry specialists with extensive knowledge of these techniques. We have been the trusted HVAC partner of local businesses for more than 45 years and we’re ready to become yours.

Rely on us for HVAC-related matters

Here at Action Commercial HVAC, we have a team that specializes in an array of commercial HVAC services in San Diego, so we’re able to assist you with possible repairs, maintenance checks, and proper installation. Our team has the skills and equipment needed to identify and resolve different cooling and heating issues and improve the energy efficiency of your commercial HVAC unit.

Additionally, we can join your custom design-build HVAC process in San Diego, providing precisely designed units for your new construction. Our team will assist you at every stage, including the essential HVAC pre-construction phase in San Diego. Schedule a consultation at your convenience!

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