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Why do I need commercial HVAC maintenance?

As a property manager or business owner in San Diego, you are responsible for ensuring good air quality and comfort in your commercial property. In order to do so, your heating and cooling equipment should be kept in a tip-top condition all year round, and the best way to ensure optimal maintenance of your commercial HVAC system is to have reliable contractors at your beck and call. Read on to find out how Action Commercial HVAC can help your business thrive.

Benefits of preventive commercial HVAC maintenance

The perks of our maintenance services for commercial property owners include:

  • Improved performance. Without proper maintenance, your commercial HVAC system will be more likely to experience all sorts of technical issues. Our NATE-certified technicians can reduce the probability of failures and keep your system running smoothly.
  • Fewer repairs or replacements. While all heating and cooling systems are subject to wear and tear, regular maintenance can greatly decrease the number of repairs and ensure better performance in the long run.
  • A healthier work environment. Having a reliable HVAC system is necessary for ensuring good indoor air quality and keeping allergies at bay. Additionally, the disruptive noises coming from a faulty unit may be a source of stress for employees or tenants.
  • Lower repair costs. By increasing the energy efficiency of your commercial HVAC system and reducing the number of costly repairs, regular maintenance can significantly decrease your utility bills and cut down on operating costs.

How to manage maintenance for commercial building HVAC systems

Maintaining a well-tuned HVAC system can bring a myriad of perks, including improved performance, reduced safety risks, better air quality, and decreased operating costs. However, you will reap these benefits only if you rely on knowledgeable industry experts for your commercial HVAC maintenance in San Diego.

At Action Commercial HVAC, we boast a team of licensed and trained professionals who qualified to service the most cutting edge commercial HVAC systems. They will check-ups and regular tune-ups for your heating and cooling equipment and prevent unnecessary repairs and interruptions, allowing you to focus on running your business smoothly.

What is HVAC preventive maintenance?

Entering a commercial HVAC maintenance agreement with dependable professionals in San Diego is the only surefire way to ensure good performance of your heating and cooling systems. In such an agreement, your HVAC experts will visit your commercial space regularly, performing all the necessary inspection and maintenance needed to keep your HVAC system functioning properly.

What is included in commercial HVAC preventive maintenance?

The exact tasks included in your maintenance agreement will depend on the HVAC contractor you choose as well as the specific needs of your commercial property. However, most commercial HVAC maintenance checklists share several tasks that are performed on most heating and cooling systems.

Commercial HVAC maintenance checklist

Here’s what a typical maintenance checklist for commercial heating and cooling systems looks like:

  • Replacing the filter if it is dirty or clogged and creating a healthier environment for your employees.
  • Inspecting the thermostat to check for incorrect settings and programming it to create a pleasant work environment.
  • Checking electrical components in order to prevent electric shock and fire hazards.
  • Cleaning condenser and evaporator coils to enhance the performance of your commercial HVAC system.
  • Checking refrigerant levels to look for leaks and prevent environmental and safety hazards.
  • Looking for air leaks, holes, or cracks in your ductwork to increase efficiency and reduce your energy bills.
  • Lubricating components to reduce friction and ensure the optimal performance of your unit.

Is air duct cleaning really worth it?

Having the ductwork in your commercial property inspected and cleaned is only one part of regular HVAC maintenance. While air duct cleaning itself may not be enough to improve the system’s efficiency, it is an important aspect of maintenance services and will enhance the overall performance of your unit if performed well.

What is the purpose of duct cleaning?

Dirty, moldy, or vermin-infested ductwork can have an adverse effect on the effectiveness and efficiency of your commercial HVAC system. In fact, dirty air ducts may lead to poor air quality and reduce the system’s efficiency by as much as 21 percent.

By using specialized equipment and techniques, our skilled HVAC technicians inspect all outdoor air intakes, unit components, as well as return, supply, and exhaust ducts in order to:

  • Increase energy efficiency
  • Improve air quality
  • Reduce the number of sick days your employees take
  • Extend the lifespan of your HVAC system and more.

Signs you should have your building’s air duct cleaned and inspected

Experts recommend professional ductwork cleaning every three to five years. However, the exact frequency will depend on the specific circumstances in your commercial space. In general, you should have your air ducts inspected and cleaned if:

  • You notice the presence of vermin (rodents, insects, etc.)
  • There are smokers in your commercial property.
  • You have recently had renovation work performed.
  • There is substantial mold growing inside your ductwork.
  • The return vents are nearer to the floors instead of being on the ceilings or walls.
  • You plan to move to a new commercial facility.

We bring comprehensive commercial HVAC maintenance in San Deigo

At Action Commercial HVAC, we have been providing business owners and property managers with professional commercial HVAC services in the San Diego area for over 40 years. Whether you want us to render top-quality commercial HVAC replacement or help you by providing trusted HVAC commercial repair services in San Diego, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Our seasoned technicians will take care of your HVAC needs expertly and efficiently, making sure your system stays in tip-top shape all year round. Contact us today!

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